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Regn No.PCPL 2281 VOL XXIV,No.22 August 2009
Monthly e-zine of ANMA/IHMS dedicated to serve the CAM community.


Lecture from Master Series
Prof.Dr.Malik A.Kaiyoom Awan Ph.D.

Chairperson,International Holistic Medical Society,CA,U.S.A.

Chairperson,International Homeopathic Medical Society,CA,U.S.A.

President and CEO, American Nutritional Medical Association, CA, U.S.A.



The main topic of astromedicine is the question: why it comes to an illness. Causes for diseases are always looked for in the life situation of the person concerned. From the astrological point of view it comes to an illness or an accident without exception only if the development of a person is blocked.
The goal of the astromedical horoscope interpretation is to find out which prenatal or early childhood experience is underlying the block of development and can so be considered as part of the cause for disease.
What are and what causes blocks of development?
Blocks of development are karmic. We bring them along with us into life. During childhood we learn to have the same blocks that we used to have in former lives in order to go through a life long process of solving them.
In periods when we do no steps to take over the responsibility for our own happiness and the development of it in life, the flow of energy in our bodies can get stuck and we unconsciously install muscular blocks of it.
      As development blocking it is usually considered that humans do not live themselves, but the dependence on or overlay of their true identities by the external world. Therefore in an astromedical consultation we try to put attention to the fact that everyone carries the self healing forces in him or herself.
For the purpose of development and the solution of our karma we consider self treatment to be more important than the medical treatment by the external world.
We can solve our Karma only ourselves. According to german law for the healing professions as astrologers we are not allowed to give medical treatment or diagnosis of diseases.
But what we can do and what we actually do is : We give you a list of those homeopathic remedies that refer to the astrological constellations in your birth chart. We so define your homeopathic constitutional remedies as those remedies, that are suitable for you in helping you to learn to solve the karmic and psychological blocks of development in your personal case.

We recommend in principle the homoeopathic self treatment

supervised by a doctor or healer. Many healers, doctors, psychologists and other people who have studied and practised healing come to us to get this Birth chart analysis in Order to use it as a solid basis for self - treatment.
In order to support the homoeopathic self treatment we developed the "Yoga of the twelve astrological houses" - so that we can indicate the individually important Yoga positions (asanas) for each person in the astrological consultation.



Homeopathic Management of Swine flu
From the Desk of Executive Editor

Popular for years in Asia with over 250,000 doctors qualified as homeopathy in India alone, homeopathy has recently become Europe’s fastest growing form of alternative medicine. Last year sales of homeopathic medicines in Europe topped 3billion. Debate about how it scientifically works are heated, but most Europeans are now going to a homeopath as their first course of treatment and 20 per cent of Scottish GPs currently practice the specialty. Many scientific studies have been carried out to proves its efficacy medically and especially in flu outbreaks such as this.

Critics of homeopathy say that the medicine is no more than the placebo effect psychological factors causing improvement unrelated to drug therapy. However, Dr David Reilly of The Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital led a team of scientists who compared placebo and homeopathy in four trials conducted over 15 years in patients with allergies such as hayfever and asthma. All four studies showed a greater effect from the homeopathic medicine than from the placebo. Overall there have been over 200 trials and over 70 per cent of these conclude that homeopathy is better than placebo. Private European insurers cover homeopathic treatments, and The World Health Organisation recommends them. A few years ago Spain took an initiative to incorporate homeopathy into its national health service.

A report to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. The death rate of 24,000 flu cases under conventional medical care in that study was 28.2 percent, while the death rate of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent.

When a similar strain of bird flu, misleadingly termed Spanish Flu, spread around the world in 1918, there is no doubt that it had catastrophic consequences. 50 million people died.  Nevertheless, American hospital statistics from the time show that homeopathic treatment gave a far better chance of survival than conventional treatment did.  The statistics are reported in Randall Neustaedter's excellent book "Flu:  Alternative Treatments and Prevention".

For at least the past 150 years homeopathic practitioners have used the medicine Influenzinum as a flu preventive. Influenzinum is a homeopathic medicine made from flu viruses. A proprietary preparation is produced by homeopathic pharmacies each year using the flu virus strains recommended by the World Health Organization for the year’s vaccine production (Dolivaxil – containing Influenzinum 9C). The typical dosage is once per week for four weeks beginning in October or later, followed by another dose three weeks later.

You should have Gelsemium 30c in your house and take when someone sneezes in a bus or your office. This can stop the virus taking root in the body and acts as a preventative.

The first medicine used in France to treat flu is Oscillococcinum made by Boiron Labs and sells 7 million euros annually.


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Editor in Chief 

Prof.Dr.Malik A.Kaiyoom Awan Ph.D.

Executive Editor

Dr.Debasish Kundu Ph.D.


Dr.Sudeshna Kundu MDH,M.F.Hom

Ms.Catia Aliberti Ph.D.

Dr. Shahid Mahmood Abbasi MBBS, Ph.D

Dr. Md.Usman Balooch Ph.D

Dr. Elkhair E. Ahmed Ph.D (Psy),

Dr. Adrian O. Starchild Ph.D

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Ms.Grisela Brukl Ph.D.

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